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The richness and strength of a talent

The interpretation of the world through the understanding of existence and strength of a man's talent in art, shows the great and inconceivable proportions. One of over-rich and strong talents in this region is Vojislav Ivkovic a painter and poet. He is steady, fertile and authentic talent, hot and strong. He is poetically overcome with existence and using real painter's elements he creates a real great art that rises to blueness of the sky.

JOCA MIHAJLOVIC, painter and journalist

Vojislav Ivkovic is an artist of a particular talent who tends to capture on canvas unlimited imagination, meditative and concise ideas, the colors full of life and secret. He paints strongly and from the heart. The richness of his ideas on the cosmic origin of existence, about something that is far out of our view, is great. The paintings are concise and permanent works and they vibrant with poetry, space and eternity.

M. SUSULIC, painter

... In the sensation of artistic expression, through daily experience of the nature, Vojislav Ivkovic discloses himself powerfully and in a suggestively sensitive way. His world is not the landscape, but rather a vision which elevates nature to its inaccessible width, to the never-ending festivity of existence. The origin and structure of matter, by means of passionate search of oneself, speaks about the presence of motion, rise, power, synthesis, and eruptive experience of space, intimately experienced by spirit and the feeling for shape. Expressionistic solutions for origin of the matter, by means of which we have come into being, impresses one by its power, since the artist in his creative activity is led exclusively by his interval voice ...